Our high standard veterinary services to dairy and beef cattle cover a wide spectrum of potential ailments and diseases. Your livestock is guaranteed to be as healthy as possible across a broad range of advice and treatment like:

  • Herd health planning

  • Surgical procedures like de-horning, castration, etc.

  • Mastitis

  • Metabolic and nutritional diseases

  • Infectious disease control

  • Biosecurity advice

  • Reproductive services & pregnancy testing

  • Lameness

  • Vaccination

  • Worming

  • Pregnancy

  • Bull selection

  • Calving

  • Advice on diseases

  • Fertility testing

We provide onsite visits that include surgical and medical issues while also attending to calving. We invite you to consult with us for the vaccination for your herd. We offer a large variety of vaccines which are based on the area and type of animal. Three vaccine types we use include:

  • Anti-toxins that works immediately but designed as a short -term immunity.

  • Live vaccines which are a single dose designed for long-term immunity.

Cattle Worming

We advise farmers on the best worming protocol as it improves weaning weights. A common worm is Roundworm with the high-risk periods from spring to autumn when it is both wet and warm weather. It is an environment that worm larvae in pastures thrive on and it is also the most likely period to have infected cattle.

Additional care includes:

  • Parasite monitoring and control

  • Rations and nutrition

  • Bul selection and breeding soundness

  • Artificial insemination

  • Reproductive management

  • Milk quality and mastitis

  • Surgery

  • Cattle medicine

  • Manual and ultrasound palpitation

  • Pregnancy diagnosis