Our vet team come to your farm or smallholding to diagnose, treat and do bloodwork. Any critical care required for lambs and sheep is available around the clock. Our vets are knowledgeable about parasite control and vaccination protocols for sheep.

Depending on the particular situation, do we assist with horn care and hoof care to increase recovery time and reduce pain, either under local anaesthetic or sedation.

Common surgeries we perform include castrations, caesareans, displaced abomasum surgeries, hernia repair, tumour removals, and more as required.

  • Herd health planning

  • A surgical procedure like de-horning, castration, etc.

  • Mastitis

  • Metabolic and nutritional diseases

  • Infectious disease control

  • Biosecurity advice

  • Fertility treatments

  • Lameness

  • Vaccination

  • Worming