Our healthcare team is available with advice, education, and specialist care that will keep your pet in optimum health. Our team provides a medical facility that goes beyond general vet service. From cats and dogs to exotic pets and farm animals we diagnose and treat your pets and animals. Included are:


Just as useful an endoscopy is for human patients, the same goes for animals. It enables vets to look into the stomach and esophagus of the patient. Endoscopy also allows us to see the bronchi of the lungs and trachea.

ECG Tracing

We have an electrocardiograph machine (ECG) to see how your pet’s heart is performing. The machine maps the trace after a series of leads are attached to the pet’s limbs. By comparing the trace to normal rhythms and size we can establish if there are irregular heartbeats, heart enlargement, etc. Our team ensures that the animal is calm and experience minimal stress as he or she will be wide awake.


We use ultrasound as the best non-invasive method to scan your animal’s system without surgery. Our animal hospital’s equipment is similar to that of a human hospital to monitor pregnancy. We place a probe against the body of the animal whereby soundwaves convert to images displayed on a TV screen. Without surgery, we can gain an understanding of any possible illness or disease.

We can investigate:

  • Blood vessels

  • Heart

  • Uterus

  • Bladder

  • Gall bladder

  • Intestines

  • Kidneys

  • Liver

  • Stomach

We highly recommend an ultrasound when we suspect something amiss as we decide whether it would be less stressful to have patients sedated or awake. Minimal stress is involved with the patience of our trained team.


All pet injuries can be diagnosed especially in emergency situations. Our patients have an excellent chance for recovery with the treatment that starts and ends under one roof.

Pathology Services

For faster diagnoses and treatment, we do our own pathology tests unless we require detailed testing, whereby we engage specialist laboratories.