Breeding – not something to take lightly

The decision to breed your dog isn’t something to be taken casually. It can be expensive and involves much work. Before deciding to breed a dog or cat, pet owners should have a good idea of what’s involved in the breeding process, the need for excellent health, a safe pregnancy and a healthy, uncomplicated birth.

If you are serious about breeding, you’ll find our vets passionate about reproduction services to help ensure optimal health during the process. This expertise will assist both you and your pet have a healthy and positive experience and give you the best chance of a healthy, lively basketful of puppies or kittens.

Common reproduction services include:

  • General advice
  • Screening evaluations
  • Fertility and infertility evaluations
  • Reproductive disorders
  • Ovulation timing
  • Females on heat
  • Managing breeding
  • Artificial insemination
  • Pregnancy evaluation
  • C-sections
  • Spaying and neutering

Have your dog vet-checked before breeding

It is so important to wait for the right age to breed your pet. This will vary somewhat by animal, breed and even within individual animals and how they personally mature. Also, some breeds require particular age milestones to certify they are free of health issues associated with that breed, and ensuring better progeny ongoing. For example, German Shepherd should be checked for hip dysplasia before going ahead with breeding. It’s not just the female dog that needs to be checked over either. Vets also can check and test the canine will make a good father.

Once your dog has been evaluated, the vet will provide recommendations. The evaluation of some diseases will require a consultation with a specialist and then your vet may refer you to more specialised vet services for pre-breeding screening testing.