To complete the ultimate pet and animal care we offer grooming services to keep your pet looking good and smelling great. Our grooming facilities are fully equipped with all the grooming accessories including grooming tables, dryers, clippers, hot water, and baths.

Grooming services are divided depending on coat types, breed, size, trimming, and cutting with the benefit to choose the look you prefer on your pet. We also offer eye and ear care as well as nail clipping.


Our washing procedure lasts a minimum of 30 minutes depending on the enjoyment level, size, and breed of your pet. Tender care is guaranteed throughout washing with specialist shampoo that has been manufactured using all-natural ingredients.

Washing includes:

  • Pre-brushing to smooth out matted fur and loosen dirt.

  • Premium shampoo and conditioner
  • Nail Trimming
  • If required, we check nails and clip if requested and necessary.

  • Feet, sanitary and tail trimming

De-shedding service

Some animals like dogs shed and some more than others. Double coated dogs and animals benefit tremendously with the de-shed service offered.

Dog Clipping

Get your dog or cat a stylish clip to keep them clean, comfortable and looking great! We clip all different breeds and sizes. We are well equipped with the latest technology and techniques to make your dog look its best and be as comfortable as possible in the process. If you do have a breed that requires clipping we recommend you star this process while they are young as this helps train them to enjoy their day at the groomers as they grow older.