The Best Way To Get Your Pet Back – Microchipping

The difference between a lost pet and heartache to a pet that is found and returned to you, is a tiny chip. A microchip isn’t painful or uncomfortable for your pet and best of all, it is permanent.

A microchip is very small, similar to a grain of rice which is placed under the animal’s skin. Each microchip is numbered and shows up during a scan. Your contact details are linked to the particular chip and professionals will be able to contact you.

What Happens During Microchipping?

The actual procedure takes under one minute and your pet will not be uncomfortable during or after the insertion. Microchip identification is like vaccination and your pet will only experience a sting, which is gone quickly.

The microchip number and your contact details are stored in a cloud-based database to ensure your pet is returned in the event of a missing pet.

It is vital that you keep your contact details like phone numbers and address changes up to date to ensure you can be reached in the event that your pet has gone astray.

What Happens When Your Pet is Lost?

Your pet can be scanned at any vet, local council and animal shelter in the country who will scan the microchip to access your contact details. Therefore, is it imperative that you always keep your information up to date. It is highly recommended for lost and stolen animals as well.

With a microchip, you have irrefutable proof that you are the rightful owner when you locate a stolen pet that has been chipped.

Keep in mind that pet tags fade and collars can be removed or fall off. Regardless of the situation concerning your pet, you will be contacted when your pet is identified.