Dental diseases are commonly found in both cats and dogs. Most pets that do not see a vet often suffer from a degree of periodontal disease. Cats and dogs that have dental lesions experience significant pain as it progressively destroys the structure of the teeth and pain sets in.

Main Symptoms of Dental Disease

  • Loose teeth

  • Worn and broken teeth

  • Difficulty or pain during feed

  • Gingivitis – red inflamed gums

  • Bad breath

Food particles that mix with saliva cause plaque which in turn attracts bacteria that builds up on clean teeth in a few hours. Plaque can harden as well to form tartar within a few days. Within the plaque is bacteria that causes infection and inflammation of the gums and can potentially spread deeper into mouth tissue and even penetrates the underlying bone. Teeth can also loosen and fall out. Dental disease affects more than teeth but over time impact the liver, kidneys and heart as well.

Prevent Dental Diseases At Home

Pet owners can prevent dental diseases at home by preventing plaque build-up. When plaque isn’t treated, tartar forms which can only be treated at your vet.  Keep your pet’s teeth and gums in great health and reduce trips to the vet with a combination of:

  • As part of their daily diet, it is essential to feed your pets dry pet food

  • Keep treats to a minimum

  • Brush their teeth with animal toothpaste

  • Rinse their mouths with gels and rinses for the specific animal species

The removal requires a general anaesthetic to clean the diseased area below the gum line.

Our dental services include:

  • General oral surgery

  • Extractions

  • Scaling and polishing

  • Detailed oral examinations